Eastenders Spoiler

Eastenders Spoiler

For a long time, she was Jean’s sole carer as her older brother, Sean, had disappeared, unable to deal with Jean’s situation. On eleven July 2019, it was reported that Phil Mitchell could be attacked and “left for dead” in an upcoming story, with the assailant not revealed until transmission. Phil’s son, Ben Mitchell , and secret love rival, Keanu Taylor , were set up as the principle suspects for the assault. Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy listed Stacey as a possible assailant and thought it would be a great decision to the character’s feud with Kat and a “useful possibility” for writing Stacey out of the present. Producers made Stacey the attacker and the twist led to Turner’s departure from the cleaning soap.

During this time, Lauren discovers Stacey’s guilt in Archie’s murder and records a confession on her cellphone. A jealous Becca reveals the rape to Archie’s eldest daughter Ronnie Mitchell , who tells Stacey that Archie was infertile following most cancers therapy. A distraught Stacey confesses to Max that she killed Archie whereas her world falls apart. After being released, Stacey tries to speak to Masood however instead he rebuffs her apology, blaming her for Shabnam leaving. Carmel tries to persuade Masood to forgive her but instead will get offended when Masood does not present curiosity. Martin and Kyle suppose Stacey is putting too much strain on herself when she invitations Jean, Ollie and her cousin Belinda Peacock for a household dinner.

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Ryan is hospitalised and on his return, he convinces Janine he loves her but publicly declares his love for Stacey in The Queen Vic. She concedes defeat till Lauren, who still believes Max is emotionally concerned with Stacey, offers Janine the recorded confession. The next day, Janine attempts to play the recording in entrance of customers in The Queen Vic, however it has been recorded over because Lauren warned Max. Upon her launch, Bradley confesses his emotions for Stacey they usually reconcile. Then Stacey discovers she is three months pregnant, so Bradley couldn’t be the father. Stacey and Bradley comply with fake the baby is theirs, and remarry on 18 February 2010.

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He doesn’t seem happy at first but when he speaks with Sharon Beale he realises it is what he wants. Stacey continues to be adamant that it was Ruby who set it up however Martin doesn’t believe her. Following the demise of her pal Danielle Jones, Stacey begins behaving erratically.


Stacey is livid when she figures out that Kat has not died and Mo used Kat dying as an excuse as she is in financial hassle. Kat returns to Walford and is confused that The Queen Vic is holding a profit night time for her and he or she is aggravated with Mo, however is pressured to cover when Ian visits with the raised cash. Annie Pritchard, the daughter of Terry, who’s the man that Mo conned money out of, arrives to get the cash back, but the household idiot her into believing Mo has died. Kat, Stacey and Mo arrive at The Queen Vic when Mick is giving a speech about Kat and attempt to maintain that Mo made a mistake and a bar fight quickly begins. When Annie returns, Jean pays Annie the money again, and Annie leaves. Kat begins a cleansing business with Jean and Mo to allow them to pay Jean again.

She steals money from her family, sleeps with varied men on the go and turns into a heavy drinker. In the midst of her sickness, she is devastated when Bradley asks her for a divorce. She is identified with bipolar dysfunction, however is non-compliant along with her treatment and becomes paranoid, experiencing hallucinations.

Martin is unconvinced that Max won’t come between Stacey and their family, so asks Stacey to get Max to leave, which she does. Max tricks Stacey into returning residence and tries to convince her there may be nonetheless a spark between them. Stacey’s phone is posted via the letter field and he or she finds it the subsequent day.

During the dinner, Jean doesn’t accept that Kyle is transgender and instead calls him a liar. Stacey later argues with Jean to simply accept and consider Kyle however instead Jean leaves. Belinda then reveals that Stacey and Martin may have to maneuver out as a result of Kat is due to stop paying their rent. Martin’s attempts to make money fail, and he takes work away from residence. While he is gone, Andy Flynn invites himself into Stacey’s residence and so they turn out to be friendly; Stacey soon realises he’s homeless. She also contacts Kyle’s mother Alison Slater who visits, however she refuses to accept him.

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